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Established in 2006 in Sydney, Jibber Jabber (formerly Media Farm) is an award winning children television and documentary production company, passionate about cultures, languages and the environment, and any project that promotes social change for the better. But our main mission is to make entertaining language content. Yes - languages can be fun as! 


The world of languages is full of surprising insights, inspiring people and hilarious quirks. Be it through entertaining kids TV, innovative documentaries or unapologetic comedy, the company's mission is to show the world just how much fun languages can be, 

Since its creation, the company has produced several documentaries and over 50 hours of children television, which has sold to more than 130 territories worldwide. Our formats have been bought by Channel 7, Disney+ and Nick Jr., and the company won several awards including three Astra Awards, two Logie nominations, First Prize in the Animation and Effects Awards, and the Antenna Documentary film festival Special Mention Award. 

Rami Fischler, the company director, is a writer/director/producer with 15 years experience in the media industry. Rami is a proud language nerd who is also naive enough to think television content can make the world better. 

Jibber Jabber is a staunch supporter of the local and global First Nations language reclamation movement. 

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